Potty Mouth

 Wow, what a long day! It could be since I’ve been up for about 13 hours now and on my own caring for our 3 bambinos. What a busy crew!

Poor Little Miss has a cold:( She started out with one while I was sick earlier in the week, got better for a couple days and got worse last night. She’s a snotty, sniffling, sneezy mess! Lots of extra cuddles for this one.

And poor baby fell today into the front door and has a huge red/purple arch over her eyebrow…..in the exact shape as her glasses. I think it actually could’ve been a lot worse if she hadn’t had glasses on.

Zakkai and Samuel played outside for hours today, despite it being 40 something degrees! They even ate lunch outside:) We are the hotspot for neighborhood kids these days. They are banging on our back sliding door at all hours during the day, pressing their faces to the glass, hoping for a glimpse of the boys.

A couple new boys (as in, new to us) have been coming around and they are bad news. Let me tell you, I like kids and think they’re awfully cute. It’s hard for me to say I don’t like a child but after watching this one boy repeatedly tell lies to my boys (that I have to refute 16 times a day), say mean things to Eliana when he thinks no one is around, and say mean spiteful things to the boys (esp Samuel)to hurt their feelings, it’s pretty hard for me to like him.

And to top it off, to my complete horror, when the boys came in for dinner tonight, Samuel said, “Mommy, ____ (the neighbor boy) and this other kid were telling us secrets and saying bad words.”

Zakkai piped up with, “Yeah, they were saying shut up and hate.” I was a little relieved to hear that the “bad words” were standard words that we don’t use until Samuel said, “Yeah and they were saying S— AND F—.”

My children just heard some seriously bad words for the first time in their lives and it was such a shock to hear them come out of Samuel’s mouth. I immediately told them how bad those words were and that I never wanted to hear them out of their mouths again.

And then I tucked my innocent babies in bed and marched (or limped) straight over to their houses to tell the parents of these 5 year old kindergartners that their little boys have potty mouths.

Except I tried to be as nice as possible:)

I made my first craft project since before surgery today! I’ve been wanting to make a dress for Eliana using some of my leftover quilt material and here it is! I think she’ll look so pretty in it:)

Please ignore this bad picture but Eliana got ahold of some stickers and put them all over her. I thought it was pretty funny:)

Off to recover from this day…..!